West Coast Travel Guide

Explore the rich culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and local cuisine of West Coast, Suriname with this comprehensive travel guide. Discover the must-see attractions, outdoor adventures, hiking and biking routes, and more.

Discovering the Wonders of West Coast, Suriname: A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Suriname’s West Coast is a hidden gem, hidden away from the bustling tourist spots of South America. The region boasts some of Suriname’s most stunning natural scenery, including pristine beaches, dense forests, and diverse wildlife. If you’re interested in discovering Suriname’s culture, nature, and adventure all in one trip, then the West Coast is the perfect destination for you.

Introduction to West Coast

West Coast is a coastal region located in Suriname’s northwest, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to a variety of cultures and ethnic groups, including the Arawak, Maroon, and Creole communities. The region has lush tropical forests, interesting historical sites and museums, and an abundance of unique flora and fauna.

List of Places to Visit in West Coast

If you’re planning a trip to Suriname’s West Coast, here are some must-see attractions to add to your itinerary:

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Fort Nieuw Amsterdam: This 18th-century fortress was built by the Dutch and played a significant role in Suriname’s colonial history. Today, the fort houses a museum showcasing Suriname’s military history.

  • Maritiem Museum: The museum offers a fascinating look into Suriname’s maritime history, showcasing the country’s seafaring traditions and its importance to the region’s economy.

  • Mariënburg: Once a massive sugar plantation, Mariënburg now exhibits the preserved ruins of the former slave plantation and a museum dedicated to the history of the area.

Natural Attractions of West Coast: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Bigi Pan: This stunning wetland reserve is home to over 120 bird species, making it a prime bird watching spot. Get up close and personal with the wildlife living there by taking a guided boat tour.

  • Galibi Nature Reserve: This nature reserve is home to two species of endangered sea turtles: the Leatherback and Green Turtle. The best time to witness their nesting and hatching is from March to August.

  • Brownsberg Nature Park: Take a day trip to this nature park to see the breathtaking views of the Suriname River from the top of Brownsberg Mountain. There are also numerous hiking trails in the park, showcasing the diversity of Suriname’s flora and fauna.

Hiking/Biking Routes of West Coast

  • Raleighvallen Nature Reserve: This reserve is one of the most bio-diverse areas in Suriname, with numerous hiking trails showcasing the beautiful wildlife and flora the country has to offer.

  • Berg en Dal: Perched on the banks of the Suriname River, this nature park offers a range of hiking and biking trails, including a 6 km long trail to the breathtaking Irene Falls.

Best Things to Do in West Coast: Activities and Tours

  • Paramaribo City Tour: Take a tour around Suriname’s capital city, Paramaribo, where you can visit historical sites such as Independence Square, St. Peter and Paul Basilica, and the Presidential Palace.

  • Street Food Tour: Head to Paramaribo’s bustling market to taste some of the local cuisines, including bakabana, pom, and pastei.

Week-Long Itinerary for West Coast

Day Activity
1 Arrival in Suriname, check-in at hotel, take a city tour of Paramaribo
2 Visit the Maritiem museum and take a boat tour of the Suriname river
3 Visit Berg en Dal nature park and hike to the Irene Falls
4 Take a day trip to Galibi Nature Reserve to witness the endangered sea turtles nesting and hatching
5 Visit the Mariënburg ruins and museum
6 Take a day trip to Brownsberg Nature Park and hike to the top of Brownsberg Mountain
7 Departure from Suriname

Food and Drink Scene of West Coast

No trip to Suriname is complete without sampling the local cuisine. Here are some must-try dishes and local beverages:

Must-Try Dishes

  • Pom: This savory dish of oven-baked cassava root, chicken, and prunes is a staple in Suriname.

  • Roti: A dish consisting of flatbread filled with curried potatoes and chicken or lamb.

Local Beverages

  • Parbo Bier: The most popular beer in Suriname, brewed locally, is perfect for a hot summer day.

  • Fernandes Soft Drinks: This local fruit-flavored soft drink is a refreshing treat in the Caribbean’s warm weather.

Where to Stay in West Coast: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

West Coast has numerous housing options, from budget-friendly accommodations to luxury stays. Here are some options:

  • Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Paramaribo: This new, upscale hotel is popular with tourists and has an outdoor swimming pool and gym facilities.

  • Atjoni Guesthouse: Traditional, basic accommodation in Atjoni near the river rapids for budget travelers.

What to Buy in West Coast: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

While in Suriname’s West Coast, you can buy several locally made items, including:

  • Surinamese Rum: Home of Demerara Rum, Suriname rum is a must-try and can be purchased from local supermarkets and duty-free shops.

  • Paramaribo Wooden Shoes: Made from Suriname’s forests’ finest woods, these handcrafted shoes can be found in souvenir shops.

Local Culture and Customs of West Coast

Suriname has a rich culture and heritage, with a diverse population of ethnic groups like Creoles, Maroons, and Javanese. Visitors should keep in mind to respect their customs, especially when visiting villages and areas where locals live.

Best Time to Visit West Coast

The West Coast’s climate is tropical, with rainfalls between May and July as the wettest months. The best time to visit is in the dry season between August and December when there are fewer mosquitos, less humidity, and more sunshine.

Do’s and Don’ts of West Coast


  • Learn a few Surinamese greetings; locals will appreciate your effort

  • Respect local cultures and customs

  • Stay vigilant and follow safety guidelines.


  • Walk alone at night in remote areas

  • Leave valuables in unguarded areas

  • Go out swimming or hiking alone.

Safety and Health

Safety in West Coast

Visitors should be cautious of pickpockets and carry only what they need when walking around Paramaribo. Visitors should also keep their passports and other valuable items in the hotel safe.

Health in West Coast

Malaria is a concern in Suriname, visitors are advised to consult with their healthcare providers before traveling to the country and follow advice regarding vaccinations.

Getting to West Coast: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near West Coast

  • Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport: Suriname’s primary international airport, located about 45 km south of Paramaribo.

Bus Stations Near West Coast

  • Meerzorg Bus Station: The most popular bus station in the city center of Paramaribo, where you can find buses that go to various destinations in Suriname.

  • Moengo Bus Station: Located in the eastern part of the country, this is a major hub for transportation to areas in the West Coast.

Other Options

Visitors can opt to take a taxi, rent a car, or take one of the long-distance buses from Paramaribo bus stations.

How to Get Around in West Coast

The best way to explore West Coast is to hire a guide, rent a car, or take a taxi. Visitors can take local buses to travel short distances, but these buses can become overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Where to Go Next from West Coast: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve: Suriname’s largest nature reserve showcasing pristine rainforests rich in bio-diversity and local cultural activities.

  • Commewijne River Tour: Take a boat ride down the historical Commewijne River, offering a glimpse into the county’s colonial past and present.


Suriname’s West Coast is a unique and diverse travel destination with plentiful cultural, historical, and natural attractions worth exploring. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll undoubtedly discover the region’s best spots and make the most of your trip. Get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime!