Juliaca Travel Guide

Plan your trip to Juliaca with our travel guide. From natural attractions to cultural landmarks, we have listed everything to make your stay amazing.

Introduction to Juliaca

Located in the Altiplano region of Peru, Juliaca is a hidden gem for travelers, offering a mix of culture and adventure. Known as the “Capital of Folklore,” Juliaca is home to numerous festivals and traditions, making it an excellent destination for those looking to immerse themselves in local culture. From scenic views to cultural landmarks, Juliaca has something for every traveler.

List of Places to Visit in Juliaca

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

Casa de la Cultura de Juliaca

The Casa de la Cultura de Juliaca is a museum that exhibits artwork, photographs, and artifacts that represent the history and culture of the region. The museum has many exhibits, including ancient ceramics and textiles from the Pre-Columbian era and contemporary art created by local artists.

Puno Cathedral

Located 25 km away from Juliaca, the Puno Cathedral is an iconic landmark of Puno city. The cathedral is a stunning example of colonial architecture and is the second most important religious building after the cathedral in Cusco.

Natural Attractions of Juliaca: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

Lake Titicaca

The world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, is undoubtedly the most popular attraction of the region. Visitors can spend a day exploring the lake by taking a boat cruise, or they can hike into the surrounding hills to get beautiful panoramic views.


The ancient ruins of Sillustani offer a unique glimpse into the pre-Inca culture of the Altiplano region. The site is an important archaeological complex, which features impressive towers or chullpas made of stone, which served as tombs for elite members of pre-Hispanic societies.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Juliaca

Juliaca offers some of Peru’s best areas for hiking and biking. The most popular routes are the Amantani Island Hiking Trail, which takes you through the beautiful Andean countryside, and the Tour de la Laguna, which is a beautiful mountain biking route that offers stunning views of the nearby lake.

Best Things to Do in Juliaca: Activities and Tours

Festivals and Events

Juliaca is known for hosting several cultural and religious festivals throughout the year. One of the most popular festivals is the El Señor de los Milagros, which celebrates the patron saint of Juliaca. Other popular events include the Carnival of Juliaca and the Virgin of Candelaria Festival.

Pachamanca Feast

The Pachamanca feast is a traditional meal that consists of meat, potatoes, and other vegetables cooked in an underground pit. Visitors can participate in the cooking process and enjoy the unique flavors of this traditional dish.

Week-Long Itinerary for Juliaca

Day Activity
Day 1 Visit the Casa de la Cultura de Juliaca Museum
Day 2 Hike the Amantani Island Trail
Day 3 Take a boat tour of Lake Titicaca
Day 4 Explore the ancient ruins of Sillustani
Day 5 Attend the El Señor de los Milagros Festival
Day 6 Enjoy a traditional Pachamanca feast
Day 7 Bid farewell to Juliaca

Food and Drink Scene of Juliaca

Must-Try Dishes

Carne al Palo

Carne al Palo is a traditional Peruvian dish that consists of marinated beef grilled over an open flame on a wooden skewer. This dish is known for its smoky and juicy flavor.

Chupe de Quinoa

Chupe de Quinoa is a hearty soup made from quinoa, chicken, potatoes, and a variety of Andean vegetables. The soup is comforting and is perfect for a cold day.

Local Beverages


Chicha is a fermented corn-based beverage that is popular throughout South America. This beverage has a tangy and sour taste and is best served chilled.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour is the national drink of Peru. Made with Pisco, a grape spirit, and lime juice, the drink has a sweet and tangy flavor that is perfect for a summer evening.

Where to Stay in Juliaca: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Hotel Qalasaya

Located in the heart of Juliaca, Hotel Qalasaya is a budget-friendly hotel that provides comfortable rooms and modern amenities. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and bar, and a fitness center.

Hostal Turistico Rey

Hostal Turistico Rey is a budget-friendly option for travelers looking to explore Juliaca. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

What to Buy in Juliaca: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Alpaca Clothing

Alpaca wool is a soft and luxurious fiber that is perfect for keeping warm during cold winter months. Visitors can purchase handmade alpaca sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves from local markets in Juliaca.


Juliaca is known for its exquisite woven textiles, including blankets, table runners, carpets, and wall hangings. Many of these textiles are handmade by local artisans and make great souvenirs.

Local Culture and Customs of Juliaca

Juliaca is home to many unique customs and traditions that reflect the region’s rich history and culture. One of the most popular customs is the Verónica Dance, which is an ancient dance that is performed with masks and colorful costumes. Visitors can also participate in traditional celebrations like the Carnival of Juliaca and the Virgin of Candelaria festival.

Best Time to Visit Juliaca

The best time to visit Juliaca is from May to October when the weather is dry and cool. This period is also perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Do’s and Don’ts of Juliaca


  • Learn about the local customs and traditions
  • Try local delicacies like Pachamanca and Chupe de Quinoa
  • Purchase handmade textiles and alpaca clothing from local markets


  • Disrespect local customs and traditions
  • Purchase counterfeit goods from street vendors
  • Drink tap water

Safety and Health

Safety in Juliaca

Juliaca is generally a safe place to visit, but visitors should take some precautions. Always keep an eye on your valuables, do not leave them unattended, and avoid walking alone at night in isolated areas.

Health in Juliaca

Juliaca is located at high altitude, which may cause altitude sickness in some visitors. It is important to stay hydrated, limit alcohol consumption, and rest when needed.

Getting to Juliaca: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Juliaca

The Inca Manco Capac International Airport is the closest airport to Juliaca. Located just 10 km from the city, it offers daily flights to and from Lima and some other major destinations in Peru.

Bus Stations Near Juliaca

Visitors can also reach Juliaca by bus from major cities in Peru. The Juliaca Bus Terminal offers services to Cusco, Arequipa, and Puno, among others.

Other Options

Visitors can also reach Juliaca by train from Cusco via Puno. A luxury train, the Andean Explorer, also operates between Cusco and Puno.

How to Get Around in Juliaca

The best way to get around Juliaca is by taxi or by renting a car. Taxis are relatively cheap, but visitors should negotiate the price before getting in.

Where to Go Next from Juliaca: Nearby Destinations and Excursions


Located just 25 km from Juliaca, Puno is a beautiful city that offers a mix of culture and adventure. Visitors can explore the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, visit the Puno Cathedral, and attend the Festival de la Candelaria.


Cusco is located 338 km from Juliaca and is one of the most popular destinations in Peru. The city is known for its rich history, ancient ruins, and stunning architecture. Visitors can visit Machu Picchu, explore the colonial architecture of the city, and experience the local culture.


Plan your trip to Juliaca and enjoy everything that this beautiful region has to offer. From festivals and cultural landmarks to natural attractions and outdoor adventures, Juliaca is a great destination for all types of travelers. So pack your bags and explore the Altiplano region of Peru today!