Ilha do Marajó Travel Guide

Discover the best places to visit, things to do, and where to stay in the beautiful Ilha do Marajó in Pará, Brazil.

Introduction to Ilha do Marajó

Ilha do Marajó, located on the northern coast of Brazil, is the largest fluvial-maritime island in the world and is known for its unique blend of Amazonian and Caribbean influences. This stunning island offers visitors a diverse range of experiences from exploring its rich culture and history to scaling the vast tracts of wildlife-rich forests that cover over 70% of the landmass.

List of Places to Visit in Ilha do Marajó

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Casa Grande Museum – This 19th-century house showcases the history of Marajó Island’s colonial past.

  • São Jerônimo Convent – This convent showcases stunning architecture, religious vestiges, and a unique collection of religious artwork.

  • Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário – This church is an essential religious site in Ilha do Marajó and is renowned for its striking blue and white façade.

Natural Attractions of Ilha do Marajó: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Praia do Pesqueiro – This vast, virgin beach on the Atlantic Ocean is perfect for some relaxation and water sports activities like surfing, paddling, and kiteboarding.

  • Arari Ecological Park – This park is home to over 160 bird species, monkeys, and other wildlife. Tour the park on horseback, bike, or on foot.

  • Furo do Camarão – This stunning natural pool is a great place to take a refreshing dip, surrounded by spectacular views of the lush Amazon rainforest.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Ilha do Marajó

  • Caixa d’Água trail – This trail will take hikers along pristine rainforest paths, past bubbling streams and waterfalls.

  • Boca-do-Céu trail – This trail takes you on a journey to an impressive lookout point offering a panoramic view of the island’s coastline.

Best Things to Do in Ilha do Marajó: Activities and Tours

  • Sundowner Cocktail – Enjoy a stunning sunset and sip on exotic cocktails from the best beaches on Ilha do Marajó.

  • Boat Tours – Take a private tour of the island’s best beaches, mangrove forests, and wildlife-rich inland rivers.

  • Horse Riding – Experience the island’s beauty on horseback, riding off the beaten track and through dense forests.

Week-Long Itinerary for Ilha do Marajó

| Day | Activity | | — | — | | Day 1 | Explore Salvaterra, visit the Casa Grande Museum, and the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário. | | Day 2 | Wander around Soure, visit Praia do Pesqueiro, and explore its shops and restaurants. | | Day 3 | Take a boat tour to the Furo do Camarão natural pool and visit some mangrove areas. | | Day 4 | Hike through the Caixa d’Água trail and explore the forests, waterfalls and bubbling streams. | | Day 5 | Visit the Arari Ecological Park and see its 160 bird species, monkeys, and other wildlife. | | Day 6 | Tour the São Jerônimo Convent to learn about its history and discover the religious artwork. | | Day 7 | Take a horse ride through the lush rainforest and savannah plains or visit the Boca do Ceu observation point. |

Food and Drink Scene of Ilha do Marajó

Must-Try Dishes

  • Pato no tucupi – A traditional dish made with duck and tucupi, a sour and spicy broth typical of the northern region.

  • Caranguejo – The crab is highly valued for its flesh and is served boiled, stir-fried, and in a stew.

Local Beverages

  • Cachaça – The Brazilian national drink, made of sugarcane, is widely popular in Marajó Island.

  • Cupuaçu juice – This creamy and refreshing juice found in Ilha do Marajó is made from the cupuaçu fruit, which offers a unique tropical flavor.

Where to Stay in Ilha do Marajó: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

  • Casarão do Amor – Located in Soure, Casarão do Amor features cozy, rustic-chic accommodations and a pool.

  • Bela Vista Hotel – This hotel in Salvaterra offers well-appointed rooms, a pool and garden, and a restaurant serving local dishes.

  • Pousada do Douglas – Situated in Soure, this hotel offers spacious, air-conditioned rooms, a pool, and gardens.

What to Buy in Ilha do Marajó: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

  • Pottery – Marajoara pottery, a unique indigenous handicraft with colorful designs, is a must-buy to take home as a souvenir.

  • Fresh Seafood – Take home a sample of fresh seafood from the island’s numerous markets, including crabs, shrimp, and fish.

Local Culture and Customs of Ilha do Marajó

Marajoara culture is influenced by indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian traditions. The islanders are renowned for their vibrant arts and crafts, including artisanal pottery, basket weaving, and wood carving, all of which are available for sale across the island. They also have a rich folklore, consisting of music, dance, and ancient Brazilian legends, passed down through the ages.

Best Time to Visit Ilha do Marajó

The best time to visit Ilha do Marajó is during the dry season, from July to November, the weather is mild, and the island’s vegetation is greener. December to June is the wet season, with frequent rainfall, which makes outdoor activities more challenging.

Do’s and Don’ts of Ilha do Marajó


  • Respect the local culture.
  • Try the regional cuisine and local beverages.
  • Visit the local artisans’ shops and buy souvenirs.
  • Take part in the rich cultural events that take place on the island throughout the year.


  • Litter on beaches or in the forests.
  • Swim in rivers or the ocean when cautioned against it.
  • Disrespect the locals or their customs.
  • Leave any valuable items unsecured.

Safety and Health

Safety in Ilha do Marajó

Ilha do Marajó is generally safe, and visitors should take normal safety precautions like not leaving any valuable items on display. It’s also vital to avoid walking alone in any dark areas at night.

Health in Ilha do Marajó

Visitors should take precautions against mosquito bites and seek medical attention if they experience any symptoms of yellow fever, dengue fever, and malaria.

Getting to Ilha do Marajó: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Ilha do Marajó

  • Belém International Airport (BEL) is the nearest international airport, then take a taxi or a bus to the port of Belém, and take a ferry to the island.

Bus Stations Near Ilha do Marajó

  • Belém bus station in the city center is the most convenient place to take a bus. The journey to Marajó island takes around 3 to 5 hours.

Other Options

There are various tours and travel companies that offer packages to the island, which include transport, accommodation, and tours.

How to Get Around in Ilha do Marajó

Visitors can rent a bike, motorbike, or car to move around. Taxis and minivans offer a more comfortable yet a bit more expensive mode of transportation. Visitors can also explore the island with horseback riding tours.

Where to Go Next from Ilha do Marajó: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Marajó is the starting point for visits to the region’s surrounding islands or the nearby Amazon Rainforest, including:

  • Parque Nacional dos Campos Amazônicos
  • Parque Nacional dos Pontões Capixabas
  • Monte Roraima


Ilha do Marajó offers a unique blend of nature, history, and rich cultural traditions, all set in an idyllic island atmosphere. We hope this comprehensive travel guide has inspired you to add Ilha do Marajó to your travel itinerary and explore all the wonders this amazing island has to offer.