Byron Travel Guide

A comprehensive travel guide for the charming town of Byron, Minnesota, with detailed information on places to visit, things to do, food and drink, local culture, safety, transportation, and more.

Introduction to Byron

Byron is a charming town in Southern Minnesota, known for its picturesque natural scenery, rich history, and warm hospitality. Located in the heart of the Midwest region of the United States, Byron offers an ideal gateway for travelers seeking a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. With a range of cultural, recreational, and culinary attractions, Byron has something to offer for everyone.

List of Places to Visit in Byron

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Byron History Center - a local history museum featuring exhibits on the town’s industrial heritage, early settlers, and famous residents like General James Wilson and Dr. William Mayo.

  • Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo - a natural history museum and wildlife sanctuary with over 30 species of animals and interactive exhibits on ecology and conservation.

  • Mayowood Mansion - a historic mansion built by the renowned Mayo brothers, which now serves as a museum showcasing their personal and professional lives.

Natural Attractions of Byron: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Zumbro River Trail - a popular hiking and biking trail that follows the scenic Zumbro River through forests, prairies, and wetlands.

  • Oxbow Park - a nature preserve with over 600 acres of hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, and a swimming beach.

  • Chester Woods Park - a recreational area with camping, fishing, boating, and hiking trails, located on the shores of picturesque Chester Woods Lake.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Byron

  • Zumbro River Trail - a scenic trail that stretches for 7 miles from downtown Byron to Oxbow Park, with plenty of opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, and picnicking.

  • Chester Woods Trail - an 8-mile trail that circles around Chester Woods Lake, offering gorgeous views of the water and surrounding forests.

  • Cascade Creek Trail - a 3-mile trail that winds through lush woodlands and along a serene creek, with several scenic overlooks.

Best Things to Do in Byron: Activities and Tours

  • Wine Tasting at Four Daughters Vineyard - sample award-winning wines made from locally grown grapes at this family-owned winery, located just outside of Byron.

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride with Eagle Balloons - soar above the treetops and enjoy breathtaking views of the rolling hills and countryside surrounding Byron.

  • Fishing on Lake Zumbro - try your luck at catching bass, walleye, and other species at this scenic and well-stocked fishing spot.

Week-Long Itinerary for Byron

Day Activity
1 Hike and picnic at Oxbow Park
2 Take a hot air balloon ride
3 Visit Mayowood Mansion and Byron History Center
4 Bike along the Zumbro River Trail
5 Go fishing on Lake Zumbro
6 Explore nature at Chester Woods Park
7 Wine tasting at Four Daughters Vineyard

Food and Drink Scene of Byron

Must-Try Dishes

  • Cheese curds - this Midwestern classic features deep-fried cheese curds, served with ranch dressing or marinara sauce.

  • Jucy Lucy - a delicious hamburger stuffed with gooey melted cheese, invented in nearby Minneapolis.

  • Walleye - a freshwater fish prized for its delicate flavor and flaky texture, often served breaded and fried.

Local Beverages

  • Craft Beer at LTS Brewing Company - this popular local brewery features a rotating selection of handcrafted beers, brewed onsite.

  • Fruit Wines at Four Daughters Vineyard - try unique and delicious fruit wines made from locally grown grapes and berries at this award-winning winery.

Where to Stay in Byron: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

  • AmericInn by Wyndham Rochester Airport - a modern and comfortable hotel with excellent amenities, located just a few miles from Byron.

  • Outback Acres - a charming and cozy bed and breakfast nestled in the scenic countryside outside of Byron.

  • Jailhouse Inn - a historic jailhouse converted into a unique and quirky hostel, located in the heart of downtown Byron.

What to Buy in Byron: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

  • Cheese curds - bring home a bag of local cheese curds to share with friends and family.

  • Fruit Wines from Four Daughters Vineyard - a bottle of locally made fruit wine makes a perfect gift or souvenir.

Local Culture and Customs of Byron

  • Minnesotans are known for their warm hospitality and friendly demeanor, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with a local.

  • Tipping is customary in restaurants and bars, with 15-20% of the total bill expected.

Best Time to Visit Byron

The best time to visit Byron is during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is sunny and warm, and outdoor activities are in full swing. Fall is also a great time to visit, with stunning fall foliage and seasonal festivals like the Byron Fall Fest.

Do’s and Don’ts of Byron


  • Do try the local specialty foods like cheese curds and Jucy Lucy burgers.

  • Do respect the natural environment and follow all park rules and regulations.


  • Don’t litter or disturb wildlife in the parks.

  • Don’t forget to bring proper outdoor gear and attire for hiking and biking.

Safety and Health

Safety in Byron

Byron is generally a safe and friendly town, with low crime rates and a welcoming community. However, visitors should exercise caution when hiking or biking in remote areas, and be aware of potential hazards like snakes or poison ivy.

Health in Byron

There are no major health risks or concerns in Byron, but visitors should be prepared for hot and humid summer weather, and take precautions like wearing sunscreen and insect repellent.

Getting to Byron: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Byron

  • Rochester International Airport (RST) - located just 14 miles from Byron, RST offers daily flights to major U.S. cities and international destinations.

Bus Stations Near Byron

  • Greyhound Bus Station in Rochester - located just 10 miles from Byron, this bus station offers daily connections to major U.S. cities and regional destinations.

Other Options

  • Rental Cars - visitors can rent a car at the Rochester International Airport or in downtown Rochester to explore Byron and the surrounding areas at their own pace.

How to Get Around in Byron

The best way to get around in Byron is by car or bike. There are several car rental agencies in Rochester, as well as bike rental shops in Byron and Rochester. Local taxis and ride-sharing services are also available for short trips.

Where to Go Next from Byron: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

  • Rochester, Minnesota - home to the renowned Mayo Clinic and a vibrant downtown scene, Rochester is just a short drive from Byron.

  • Winona, Minnesota - a charming river town known for its stunning natural scenery, historic architecture, and thriving arts community.

  • La Crosse, Wisconsin - a picturesque river city with a rich history, vibrant nightlife, and excellent food and drink scene.


Byron is a hidden gem in the heart of Minnesota, offering a wide range of cultural, recreational, and culinary attractions in a picturesque natural setting. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, historical landmarks, or simply a peaceful getaway, Byron has something to offer for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the beauty and hospitality of this charming Midwestern town!