Hellertown Travel Guide

Discover the best places to visit, things to do, and where to stay in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. Read our comprehensive tour guide to plan your trip now.

Introduction to Hellertown

Located in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Hellertown is an idyllic community surrounded by natural beauty and rich history. This charming town boasts a handful of museums, historical sites, outdoor adventures, and delectable dining options. Surrounded by the picturesque countryside, Hellertown is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

List of Places to Visit in Hellertown

During your trip to Hellertown, you will have plenty of opportunities to embrace the local culture and see the sights. Here are the top places that you shouldn’t miss:

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Lost River Caverns: Discovered in 1883, the Lost River Caverns offer an unforgettable underground tour through incredible rock formations, massive chambers, and sparkling crystals.

  • Historic Bethlehem: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of Bethlehem has plenty of historic buildings from the Moravian era and was voted one of the ten most beautiful places in the US by National Geographic.

  • Moravian Museum of Bethlehem: The museum houses artifacts and relics that showcase the daily life of the Moravian community.

Natural Attractions of Hellertown: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Saucon Creek: The scenic creek is a tranquil spot for fishing, kayaking or simply for a peaceful stroll among nature.

  • SteelStacks: A former steel plant converted into a community and cultural center that has live music, movies, and festivals throughout the year.

  • Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor: A 165-mile trail that spans the state, the corridor presents the most beautiful views of the Delaware River.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Hellertown

Hellertown is a great destination for outdoor activities, with a plethora of trails nearby. Here are some of the best hiking and biking routes in the area:

  • Saucon Rail Trail: A 7.5-mile trail that runs along the scenic Saucon Creek.

  • Ironton Rail Trail: A 9-mile trail connecting Whitehall Township, Coplay, and North Whitehall Township.

  • Jordan Creek Greenway: A 14-mile trail situated along Jordan Creek and its tributaries that offers spectacular natural views.

Best Things to Do in Hellertown: Activities and Tours

There is always something exciting to do in Hellertown. Here are some of the best activities and tours you should not miss:

  • Bethlehem Food Tours: A food tour of Bethlehem offering a taste of local classic dishes.

  • Historic Bethlehem Tours: An informative walk tour on 18th-century living and Moravian culture.

  • Lost River Caverns Adventure Trail: A spelunking adventure through challenging terrain and subterranean wonders with a certified guide.

Week-Long Itinerary for Hellertown

Here’s a sample itinerary for your one-week trip to Hellertown:

Day Activities
Day 1 Visit Lost River Caverns and hike Saucon Rail Trail
Day 2 Embark on a Jordan Creek Greenway biking tour
Day 3 Learn about the Moravian culture in the Moravian Museum
Day 4 Enjoy a day trip to historic Bethlehem
Day 5 Enjoy the SteelStacks events
Day 6 Take a food tour in Bethlehem and visit Ironton Rail Trail
Day 7 Go spelunking through the Lost River Caverns Adventure Trail

Food and Drink Scene of Hellertown

Hellertown offers an impressive selection of diverse cuisine. Here are some must-try dishes and local beverages:

Must-Try Dishes

  • Philly Cheesesteak: A classic sandwich made from sliced beefsteak and melted cheese in a hoagie roll.

  • Pierogi: Soft, filled dumplings, prevalent in Polish cuisine

  • Chicken and waffles: A classic Southern dish, consisting of pieces of fried chicken and waffles.

Local Beverages

  • Yuengling Beer: America’s oldest brewing company, located in nearby Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

  • Hanky Panky Cocktail: A traditional drink made of gin and vermouth with a splash of Fernet Branca, a bitter herbal liqueur.

  • Ginger Beer: an alcoholic or non-alcoholic, carbonated, and made with ginger beer.

Where to Stay in Hellertown: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

There are many options for lodging in Hellertown, from budget-friendly options to luxurious ones. Here are some places recommended:

  • The Lodge at Woodstone Country Club: A four-star hotel that boasts comfortable rooms with picturesque golf course views.

  • Comfort Inn & Suites: A budget-friendly hotel with excellent service and amenities.

  • The Sayre Mansion Inn: A charming and elegant bed and breakfast with exceptional food and exceptional service.

What to Buy in Hellertown: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

When visiting Hellertown, it is always nice to bring home some local souvenirs and products. Here are the best souvenirs to buy:

  • Moravian Candles: Traditional beeswax candles crafted by skilled Moravian artisans.

  • SteelStacks Merchandise: T-shirts, posters, and other memorabilia found at the SteelStacks gift shop.

  • Kiffle Kitchen Bakery: mouth-watering authentic Hungarian pastry made from a rich, buttery dough and filled with assorted flavors.

Local Culture and Customs of Hellertown

Hellertown locals are friendly and welcoming. Respect their culture, and strive to learn about their customs and traditions. As a community that cherishes art and history, embrace these aspects of Hellertown, and enjoy the local events and initiatives.

Best Time to Visit Hellertown

The best time to visit Hellertown is during the warm summer months of June to August. Fall is also an option, with its fantastic foliage. However, the winter is typically cold and snowy, not recommended for outdoor activities.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hellertown


  • Try local cuisine: Hellertown has an exceptional food scene with diverse eateries, so discover local delicacies.

  • Learn about Moravian culture: Discover the colonial history and Moravian culture in Bethlehem and learn about Bethlehem’s most prominent residents.

  • Respect the natural environment: Hellertown and the surrounding areas’ natural beauty is the main reason to visit, so embrace the outdoors and be mindful of your ecological footprint.


  • Skip the Lost River Caverns tour: An underground spelunking adventure with a guide, a unique experience not to be missed.

  • Disrespect the architecture: Bethlehem has an exceptional and fascinating architectural heritage. Respect and protect the historic buildings while exploring the city.

  • Overlook the National Heritage Corridor: Take the time to enjoy some of the excellent outdoor activities in these unique landscapes in Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor.

Safety and Health in Hellertown

Safety in Hellertown

Hellertown is a relatively safe town with a low crime rate. However, it is always best to exercise caution wherever you go and avoid venturing out alone in unfamiliar areas at night.

Health in Hellertown

There are several medical centers and clinics offering exceptional healthcare services in Hellertown. However, it is always best to have adequate medical insurance before heading out on your trip.

Getting to Hellertown: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Hellertown

  • Lehigh Valley International Airport (ABE): The nearest airport to Hellertown, situated just 12 miles away.

  • Philadelphia International Airport (PHL): A major airport situated just 64 miles from Hellertown.

Bus Stations Near Hellertown

  • TransBridge: Bus station located at the Northampton Community College.

  • Bieber Transportation Group: Bus station located at the Hellertown Park Termina.

Other Options

  • Car Rentals: Several car rental companies offer rentals at the Lehigh Valley International Airport or surrounding areas.

  • Taxi Services: Taxi services are available in Hellertown.

How to Get Around in Hellertown

Hellertown is a walking-friendly town, and many attractions are within walking distance. However, renting a car is the most recommended option to explore the surrounding towns freely.

Where to Go Next from Hellertown: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

If you have time, there are plenty of other destinations near Hellertown worth visiting, including:

  • Allentown: The third-largest city in Pennsylvania, Allentown has many shopping, dining, and sightseeing opportunities and plenty of fun-filled adventure activities.

  • Easton: A city with an incredible array of art galleries, live music venues, and excellent dining options.

  • Pocono Mountains: The Poconos offer an endless array of outdoor activities and scenery - from hiking and skiing to scenic drives and romantic getaways.


Hellertown is a charming and peaceful town, offering plenty of opportunities to embrace the local culture and see the sights. Make sure to explore the museums and historical places, go on some hiking trails, experience the excellent dining, and stay in some beautiful lodging options. With our comprehensive tour guide, you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip to Hellertown, Pennsylvania.