Oqaatsut Travel Guide

Plan your trip to Oqaatsut with our comprehensive travel guide that covers everything from must-see attractions to where to stay and what to buy.

Introduction to Oqaatsut

Oqaatsut, also known as Rodebay, is a small village located in Western Greenland, in North America. Situated on the coast of the Davis Strait, Oqaatsut is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, rich culture and history, and warm Scandinavian hospitality. This remote settlement is perfect for travelers seeking an authentic and off-the-beaten-path adventure.

List of Places to Visit in Oqaatsut

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

The Arctic Circle Trail

One of the most spectacular hikes in the world, the Arctic Circle Trail is an 80-mile trek that leads from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. The trail runs straight through the heart of Greenland, crossing over the Arctic Circle and offering incredible views of the country’s natural landscapes.

The Greenland National Museum and Archives

Located in Nuuk, the Greenland National Museum and Archives is home to some of the country’s most fascinating artifacts and exhibits. The museum offers extensive information on Greenland’s cultural heritage and ancient history.

The Inuit Settlement of Qaarsut

Qaarsut is a small Inuit settlement located just a few miles from Oqaatsut. The village is home to a traditional Inuit culture that has been preserved for centuries and is one of the few places in the world where you can live with the Inuit.

Natural Attractions of Oqaatsut: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

The Disko Bay

One of the most stunning natural attractions of Oqaatsut is the Disko Bay, an area known for its abundant marine life and massive icebergs. Visitors can take a boat tour to witness the beauty of the Disko Bay up close.

The Qarajaq Glacier

The Qarajaq Glacier, a famous glacier in Greenland, is located just a few miles from Oqaatsut. Visitors can hike or dog-sled across the glacier, captivated by the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscapes.

Aurora Borealis

Oqaatsut is one of the finest places to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The sky comes alive with this remarkable natural light show during the winter months.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Oqaatsut

The Nuussuaq Peninsula

The Nuussuaq Peninsula is one of Oqaatsut’s best-known hiking routes. Visitors can take a leisurely hike up the cliffs to get a stunning view of the Disko Bay and surrounding landscapes.

The Oqaatsut Hike

The Oqaatsut Hike is a popular trail that takes you through the beautiful natural landscapes of the village. The hike offers a glimpse into the local culture and environment around Oqaatsut.

The Arctic Circle Trail

The Arctic Circle Trail is a multi-day trek that passes through the wilderness and natural beauty of the North Atlantic. Along the trail, you will witness stunning views of snow-capped mountains, blue glaciers, and clear rivers.

Best Things to Do in Oqaatsut: Activities and Tours

Do:g Sledding

Dog sledding is a favorite activity in Oqaatsut. In the winter months, visitors can witness the incredible beauty of the Disko Bay while enjoying a dog sled tour.


Kayaking is another popular activity in Oqaatsut. Starting from the coastline of the village, visitors can paddle between icebergs and explore the natural beauty that can be seen in this part of the world.


Fishing in Oqaatsut is an excellent opportunity to admire the stunning natural beauty of the area while catching fresh fish.

Week-Long Itinerary for Oqaatsut

Day Activity
1 Explore Oqaatsut village
2 Hike the Nuussuaq Peninsula
3 Dog sledding tour
4 Boat tour of the Disko Bay
5 Kayaking on the coastline
6 Fishing trip
7 Explore the Inuit settlement of Qaarsut

Food and Drink Scene of Oqaatsut

Must-Try Dishes


Mattak, a traditional Inuit delicacy, is a raw whale skin coated with a layer of blubber. It has a unique flavor and texture and is a must-try for visitors to Oqaatsut.

Reindeer meat

Reindeer meat is a delicacy enjoyed by many people in Greenland. It is lean and tender, making it a popular dish in Oqaatsut.

Seal Soup

Seal Soup is a traditional Inuit soup, freshly prepared with Arctic Char and served hot. The soup is perfect for cold winter days.

Local Beverages

Greenlandic Coffee

Greenlandic coffee is a native drink of Greenland that is served with whiskey and whipped cream. It’s a perfect drink to warm up after a day of exploring the area.

Arctic Berry Juices

Arctic Berry Juices are extracted from blueberries, blackberries, and cloudberries. The juices are rich in vitamins and are served hot and cold depending on the season. They are perfect to enjoy between meals.

Where to Stay in Oqaatsut: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Oqaatsut Guesthouse

Oqaatsut Guesthouse is located in the heart of the village and offers comfortable and elegant accommodation.

The Red House

The Red House overlooks the Disko Bay and offers stunning views. The house has a fully equipped kitchen, a steam room, and a hot tub for guests to enjoy.

What to Buy in Oqaatsut: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Greenlandic art and crafts are available in Oqaatsut for tourists to buy souvenirs to take home. Local items such as skins, furs, and handicrafts embody different forms of art and culture and reflect the authenticity of the area.

Local Culture and Customs of Oqaatsut

Oqaatsut is a remote settlement in Greenland with a cultural past. It has a rich culture rooted in traditions of the ancient Inuit and blends Scandinavian and Inuit cultures.

Best Time to Visit Oqaatsut

The best time to visit Oqaatsut is from May to September, the period of the Midnight sun, making for easy and serene exploration. The period is the warmest and most beautiful weather season.

Do’s and Don’ts of Oqaatsut


  • Respect local people’s culture and beliefs.
  • Dress warmly and in layers for the climate.
  • Take a guide or an expert when visiting icy areas.


  • Don’t make too much noise while in the village environment.
  • Don’t litter in open spaces or around residences.
  • Don’t disrespect the environment, animals, or local cultures.

Safety and Health

Safety in Oqaatsut

Though it is highly unlikely for any danger in Oqaatsut; however, for safety purposes, visitors must be aware of fast tides and blizzards. Keeping a first aid-kit with necessary medicines is always a good approach.

Health in Oqaatsut

Visitors should only drink sterilized water in packs, make sure to store food properly so that it stays fresh. The local population follows the hygienic food habits; therefore, visitors should keep in mind most restaurants have food prepared accordingly.

Getting to Oqaatsut: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Oqaatsut

The nearest airport to Oqaatsut is the Ilulissat Airport, which is located 36 miles away from the settlement.

Bus Stations Near Oqaatsut

There are no bus stations in Oqaatsut as the village is small and can easily be explored by foot.

Other Options

Visitors can also travel to Oqaatsut on board an Arctic cruise ship. The Strait Produces the most beautiful views of the area, making it an unforgettable trip

How to Get Around in Oqaatsut

Oqaatsut is a small village, and most places can easily be accessed on foot. Dog sleds and snowmobiles are used for transportation in the winter during treacherous weather. Alternatively, scheduled taxis can convey visitors around the village.

Where to Go Next from Oqaatsut: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

There are several nearby destinations and excursions from Oqaatsut. Sisimiut, the second-largest city in Greenland, is a popular tourist spot and is known for its colorful houses. The Ilulissat icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a must-visit for those who love glaciers, towering icebergs, and clear blue waters.


Oqaatsut is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and authentic adventure. From the beautiful natural landscapes to the fascinating culture and history, there is something for everyone in this remote settlement in Western Greenland. Plan your trip to Oqaatsut today, and discover the stunning beauty and charm of this hidden gem in the North Atlantic.