Härjedalen Travel Guide

Explore the best of outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, and local cuisine in Härjedalen. Plan your trip with our comprehensive travel guide.

Introduction to Härjedalen

Härjedalen, located in Jämtland County in Northern Sweden, is a hidden gem for travelers seeking authentic cultural experiences and thrilling outdoor adventures. With breathtaking landscapes ranging from dramatic peaks to tranquil lakes and rivers, Härjedalen offers a perfect balance between nature and culture.

This comprehensive travel guide will help you plan your trip to Härjedalen by providing insights into the best places to visit, things to do, foods to try, and much more.

List of Places to Visit in Härjedalen

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

Härjedalen’s history dates back to the Viking Age, and it’s been shaped by the Sami, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish cultures. Here are some culturally important attractions to explore in Härjedalen:

  • Jamtli Museum: A living history museum in the city of Östersund, which showcases the region’s cultural heritage through interactive exhibits, events, and performances.
  • Västerbotten’s Regiment Museum: A military museum in the town of Hede that tells the story of the Swedish Army’s Västerbotten Regiment, which served in Härjedalen during the 19th century.
  • The Sami Parliament and Cultural Center: A modern architectural masterpiece in the town of Östersund, which celebrates the Sami culture and traditions through exhibitions, events, and workshops.

Natural Attractions of Härjedalen: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

Härjedalen’s natural beauty is awe-inspiring, with thousands of lakes, rivers, forests, and mountains to explore. Here are some must-visit natural attractions in Härjedalen:

  • Sonfjället National Park: A nature reserve in the eastern part of Härjedalen, which offers fantastic hiking trails, wildlife safaris, and stunning views of the Sonfjället mountain range.
  • Storulvån: A mountain station in the western part of Härjedalen, which is a popular starting point for hiking and skiing in the Sylarna and Helags massifs.
  • Funäsdalsfjällen: A mountain range in the southern part of Härjedalen, which offers world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the winter, and hiking and biking trails in the summer.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Härjedalen

Härjedalen is a paradise for hikers and bikers, with hundreds of kilometers of well-marked trails and routes for all skill levels. Here are some of the most popular hiking and biking routes in Härjedalen:

  • Kungsleden: A 440 km-long hiking trail that runs through the mountains of Härjedalen and other parts of Northern Sweden. It’s divided into multiple sections, and you can choose the one that matches your fitness level and time constraints.
  • Härjedalsvägen: A scenic road that stretches from the city of Sveg in the south to the town of Funäsdalen in the north, passing through the heart of Härjedalen’s mountainous landscapes. You can bike it all, or choose a segment that suits your needs.
  • Härjedalslänken: A 100 km-long hiking trail that loops around the Funäsdalsfjällen mountain range, passing through picturesque villages and wilderness areas.

Best Things to Do in Härjedalen: Activities and Tours

In addition to hiking and biking, Härjedalen offers a variety of fun and exciting activities and tours for all ages. Here are some of the best things to do in Härjedalen:

  • Kayaking and Canoeing: Explore Härjedalen’s lakes and rivers at your own pace, by renting a kayak or a canoe. You can also join a guided tour to learn about the local flora and fauna.
  • Horseback Riding: Experience the Swedish wilderness on horseback, with guided tours that take you through forests, meadows, and mountain slopes.
  • Sami Culture and Reindeer Sledding: Learn about the Sami people’s history, traditions, and way of life, by visiting a reindeer farm and trying reindeer sledding.

Week-Long Itinerary for Härjedalen

If you’re planning to spend a week in Härjedalen, here’s a sample itinerary to help you make the most of your time:

Day Activities
1 Visit Jamtli Museum and Östersund’s city center
2 Hike in Sonfjället National Park
3 Bike the Härjedalsvägen road and stop at scenic viewpoints
4 Join a guided kayaking tour on Lake Rogen
5 Horseback ride in the Ljungdalen valley
6 Visit the Sami Parliament and Cultural Center
7 Ski or snowboard in Funäsdalsfjällen

Food and Drink Scene of Härjedalen

Must-Try Dishes

Härjedalen’s cuisine is influenced by the local ingredients, such as reindeer meat, wild berries, mushrooms, and fish. Here are some must-try dishes in Härjedalen:

  • Jämtlandic Cheese: A type of cheese made from cow’s milk, which has a distinct flavor and texture.
  • Rökt fisk: Smoked fish, usually trout or salmon, which is a popular snack or appetizer in Härjedalen.
  • Renstek: Roasted or grilled reindeer meat, which is served with lingonberry sauce and potatoes.

Local Beverages

Härjedalen is known for its craft beers, ciders, and schnapps. Here are some local beverages to try in Härjedalen:

  • Härjedalens Hembygdsgård: A brewery and distillery in the town of Hede, which produces a range of beers, ciders, and schnapps made from local ingredients.
  • Suttungs Mjöd: A mead producer in the town of Svenstavik, which specializes in honey-based alcoholic beverages.

Where to Stay in Härjedalen: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Härjedalen offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from hotels and resorts to hostels and guesthouses. Here are some recommendations for where to stay in Härjedalen:

  • STF Ramundberget Mountain Resort: A ski-in/ski-out resort in the Funäsdalsfjällen mountain range, which offers cozy cabins, hotel rooms, and apartments.
  • Vemdalen Lodge: A family-friendly hotel in the village of Vemdalen, which offers comfortable rooms and suites, as well as a wellness center and a restaurant.
  • STF Ljungdalen Hostel: A budget-friendly hostel in the small village of Ljungdalen, which has simple rooms and a communal kitchen.

What to Buy in Härjedalen: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Härjedalen has a rich handicrafts tradition, with many local artists and artisans producing unique products using natural materials. Here are some souvenirs and local products to buy in Härjedalen:

  • Sami Handicrafts: Handmade items such as silver jewelry, reindeer antler spoons, and traditional leather bags, made by Sami artists and craftsmen.
  • Jämtlandic Cheese: A delicious souvenir that you can bring home and share with your friends and family.
  • Leksand Doors: Traditional wooden doors painted with floral motifs, which are an iconic symbol of Swedish folk art.

Local Culture and Customs of Härjedalen

Härjedalen’s culture is deeply rooted in the region’s history and traditions. Here are some customs and traditions to keep in mind when visiting Härjedalen:

  • Respect the Sami People: The Sami people are an indigenous minority in Scandinavia, and their culture, language, and way of life are protected by law. Remember to respect their rights and traditions when visiting Sami areas or attending Sami events.
  • Observe Quiet Hours in Nature: Härjedalen’s nature is pristine and peaceful, and locals value silence and tranquility. Be mindful of your noise level when hiking or biking in the wilderness, especially during the early morning and late evening.
  • Embrace the Swedish Fika: Fika is a Swedish tradition of taking a coffee break in the company of friends or colleagues, often with a sweet pastry or a sandwich. Härjedalen has many cozy cafes and bakeries where you can enjoy a fika, and it’s an excellent way to socialize with the locals.

Best Time to Visit Härjedalen

Härjedalen’s climate is characterized by cold winters and mild summers, with high precipitation throughout the year. The best time to visit Härjedalen depends on your interests and activities. Here are some recommendations:

  • Winter (December-February): Härjedalen is a winter wonderland during this time, with excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions in Funäsdalsfjällen and other resorts. The average temperature is around -10°C.
  • Spring (March-May): The snow starts melting, and the days get longer during the spring. It’s an excellent time for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing. The average temperature is around 5°C.
  • Summer (June-August): The summer months are ideal for hiking, biking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. The average temperature is around 15°C.
  • Fall (September-November): The foliage turns golden and red, and the wildlife gets active during the fall in Härjedalen. It’s a great time for hunting, fishing, and picking mushrooms and berries. The average temperature is around 5°C.

Do’s and Don’ts of Härjedalen


  • Respect the Nature and Wildlife: Härjedalen’s wilderness is delicate and pristine, and it’s essential to protect it by not littering, starting fires in prohibited areas, or disturbing the wildlife.
  • Learn about the Sami culture and traditions: Härjedalen has a significant Sami population, and their culture and way of life are fascinating and unique. Take the time to visit Sami museums, reindeer farms, and cultural events, and learn about their history and customs.
  • Try local foods and drinks: Härjedalen’s cuisine is delicious and diverse, and it’s an excellent way to get a taste of the region’s culture. Try reindeer meat, Jämtlandic cheese, and craft beer, and discover new flavors.


  • Trespass on Private Property: Härjedalen has many private cabins and hunting grounds, and it’s essential to respect the owners’ rights and privacy. Don’t enter private property without permission.
  • Leave Trash Behind: Littering is a serious offense in Sweden, and it’s essential to dispose of your trash properly, especially in nature areas.
  • Ignore the Weather Forecast: Härjedalen’s weather can change quickly and unexpectedly, especially in the mountains. Always check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly, by bringing appropriate clothing, gear, and equipment.

Safety and Health

Safety in Härjedalen

Härjedalen is a safe and peaceful region, but it’s essential to keep some safety tips in mind when exploring the wilderness:

  • Always inform someone about your itinerary and expected return time when going hiking, biking, or skiing alone.
  • Bring a map, a compass, a first-aid kit, and a flashlight when venturing into the wilderness.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions, especially during winter, and check the avalanche safety warnings before going off-piste.

Health in Härjedalen

Härjedalen has modern healthcare facilities, but it’s still important to take care of your health and well-being when traveling:

  • Bring enough prescription medication with you, and keep them in their original containers.
  • Use insect repellent and protective clothing to avoid tick bites, which can cause Lyme disease.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as dehydration and overindulgence can affect your health.

Getting to Härjedalen: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Härjedalen

The closest airport to Härjedalen is Åre Östersund Airport, which is located around 110 km from Sveg, the largest town in Härjedalen. From the airport, you can rent a car, take a taxi, or use public transportation to reach your destination.

Bus Stations Near Härjedalen

Sveg Bus Station is the main hub for regional and national bus routes, with connections to Östersund, Stockholm, and other destinations in Sweden. You can also take a bus from Trondheim, Norway, to Härjedalen.

Other Options

If you prefer to travel by train, the closest railway station is Östersund Central Station, which has connections to major cities in Sweden and Norway. You can also drive to Härjedalen from other parts of Sweden or Norway, using the E45 highway or Härjedalsvägen road.

How to Get Around in Härjedalen

The best way to get around Härjedalen is by car, as it offers the most flexibility and convenience to explore the region. There are also some public transportation options, such as buses and trains, but they can be limited, especially in rural areas. You can rent a car at Åre Östersund Airport or in Sveg town.

Where to Go Next from Härjedalen: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Härjedalen is ideally located for exploring other regions in Northern Sweden and Norway. Here are some nearby destinations and excursions to consider:

  • Åre: A popular ski resort town, located around 70 km north of Härjedalen, which offers world-class skiing, shopping, and dining.
  • Jämtland: A county in Northern Sweden, which offers stunning landscapes and cultural attractions, such as the Moose Garden and the Great Lake Trail.
  • Trondheim: A charming coastal city in Norway, which is famous for its Gothic cathedral, museums, and Viking history.


Härjedalen is a unique and enchanting destination, where nature and culture blend seamlessly into an unforgettable experience. From hiking and biking to Sami culture and local cuisine, Härjedalen offers something for everyone. Use this comprehensive travel guide to plan your trip and make the most of your journey to this hidden gem of Northern Sweden.