Inverness Travel Guide

Plan your trip to Inverness with our comprehensive travel guide featuring top things to do, places to visit, where to stay, and more.

Introduction to Inverness

Inverness is a charming town located in the Scottish Highlands, known for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich history, and friendly locals. The town lies at the mouth of the River Ness, making it a popular spot for fishing and cruising. It’s the perfect base for exploring the Scottish Highlands, as it’s close to many other scenic destinations, including the famous Loch Ness. Whether you’re interested in cultural attractions, outdoor adventures, or just soaking up the local culture, Inverness has it all.

List of Places to Visit in Inverness

There’s no shortage of things to do and see in Inverness. Here are some of the top attractions:

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Inverness Castle
  • Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
  • Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre
  • Abertarff House
  • Clava Cairns

Natural Attractions of Inverness: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • River Ness
  • Loch Ness
  • Urquhart Castle
  • Black Isle Wildlife and Country Park
  • Craig Phadrig

Hiking/Biking Routes of Inverness

Inverness offers plenty of opportunities for hiking and biking, with a range of routes suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. Here are some of the most popular routes:

  • Great Glen Way
  • South Loch Ness Trail
  • Whisky Trail
  • Caledonian Canal
  • Affric Kintail Way

Best Things to Do in Inverness: Activities and Tours

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in Inverness. Some of the best things to do include:

  • Take a boat tour on Loch Ness
  • Visit the Ness Islands
  • Attend a traditional Scottish ceilidh
  • Go on a distillery tour
  • Explore the Caledonian Canal

Week-Long Itinerary for Inverness

Day 1: Arrive in Inverness and explore the town centre, including Inverness Castle and the River Ness.

Day 2: Visit the Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre, followed by a hike on the Great Glen Way.

Day 3: Take a boat tour on Loch Ness and explore Urquhart Castle.

Day 4: Rent a bike and explore the South Loch Ness Trail.

Day 5: Visit the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and Abertarff House.

Day 6: Go on a whisky tour and explore the local distilleries.

Day 7: Spend the day exploring the stunning Scottish Highlands, including the Cairngorms National Park.

Food and Drink Scene of Inverness

Inverness has a thriving food and drink scene, with a range of local specialties and international cuisine on offer. Here are some must-try dishes:

Must-Try Dishes

  • Haggis
  • Cullen Skink
  • Cock-a-Leekie Soup
  • Cranachan
  • Arbroath Smokies

Local Beverages

  • Whisky
  • Scottish ale
  • Scotch ale
  • Tennent’s Lager
  • Red Kite Ale

Where to Stay in Inverness: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Inverness offers a range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxurious hotels. Here are some popular choices:

  • Kingsmills Hotel Inverness
  • Craigmonie Hotel
  • Inverness Youth Hostel
  • The Gatehouse Hotel

What to Buy in Inverness: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Inverness is a great place to pick up some unique souvenirs and locally produced items. Here are some ideas:

  • Harris Tweed products
  • Celtic jewellery
  • Local whisky
  • Shortbread
  • Handmade soap

Local Culture and Customs of Inverness

Inverness has a rich cultural heritage, with a strong Scottish identity and a friendly local community. Some customs to be aware of include:

  • Scottish ceilidhs
  • Bagpipe music
  • Tartan dress
  • Whisky drinking
  • Scottish language

Best Time to Visit Inverness

The best time to visit Inverness is during the summer months (June-August) when the weather is mild and sunny, and the days are long. However, the town is beautiful all year round, and each season offers unique experiences.

Do’s and Don’ts of Inverness


  • Learn some basic Scottish phrases
  • Try the local cuisine
  • Attend a ceilidh
  • Respect local customs and traditions
  • Take a boat tour on Loch Ness


  • Wear a kilt without proper Scottish attire (sporran, jacket, etc.)
  • Be disrespectful to bagpipers
  • Forget to tip in restaurants and bars
  • Ignore the stunning natural beauty of the area
  • Forget to take warm clothing and waterproofs

Safety and Health

Safety in Inverness

Inverness is generally a safe town, but common sense precautions should be taken to prevent theft and ensure personal safety. Here are some tips:

  • Be aware of pickpockets and bag snatchers in crowded areas
  • Keep valuables out of sight and hidden away
  • Watch out for traffic and use designated crosswalks
  • Follow safety guidelines when participating in outdoor activities

Health in Inverness

Inverness has good healthcare facilities, including hospitals and doctors’ offices. However, it’s always advisable to take out travel insurance before visiting any new destination. Visitors should also be aware of the risks of tick bites, particularly when hiking in wooded areas.

Getting to Inverness: Transportation Options and Logistics

Inverness is easy to reach by road, rail, or air. Here are some options:

Airports Near Inverness

  • Inverness Airport (8 miles from the town centre)
  • Aberdeen International Airport (105 miles from Inverness)
  • Edinburgh Airport (155 miles from Inverness)

Bus Stations Near Inverness

  • Inverness Bus Station
  • Farraline Park Bus Station

Other Options

  • Train station in the town centre
  • Car rental companies in Inverness
  • Taxis and private hire cars

How to Get Around in Inverness

Inverness is a small town, so it’s easy to explore on foot. Bikes are also available for rent, and there’s a good local bus network. Taxis and private hire cars are also available, but they can be relatively expensive.

Where to Go Next from Inverness: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Inverness is the perfect base for exploring the Scottish Highlands, with many other scenic destinations within easy reach. Some of the most popular nearby destinations include:

  • Loch Ness
  • Cairngorms National Park
  • Isle of Skye
  • Fort William
  • Glencoe


Inverness offers a unique blend of history, culture and natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for travellers looking to experience the best of Scotland. Whether you’re looking to explore the town’s rich historical attractions or to get close to nature, Inverness has something for everyone. This travel guide has provided a comprehensive overview of Inverness, from the top things to see and do, to practical tips and advice for visitors. Plan your trip today and discover the beauty of this charming Scottish town.