Thanbyuzayat Travel Guide

Plan your trip to Thanbyuzayat with our comprehensive travel guide. Discover local culture, natural attractions, activities, food scene, and more!

Introduction to Thanbyuzayat

Located in southeastern Myanmar, Thanbyuzayat is a town that is rich in culture and history. Once known for its bustling trade of rice, rubber, and tin, this town has now become a popular destination for tourists who want to experience a unique blend of historical sites, stunning natural scenery, and local culture.

List of Places to Visit in Thanbyuzayat

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

Thanbyuzayat has a rich history with a number of important historical sites including:

Death Railway Museum

The Death Railway Museum, which is located in the town of Thanbyuzayat, is a must-visit destination. The museum is dedicated to the thousands of prisoners of war who were forced to work on the Death Railway during World War II. The museum exhibits artifacts, photos, and displays the life of prisoners of war.

War Cemetery

The War Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 3,000 Allied soldiers who lost their lives during the Second World War. It’s a peaceful place and provides space for reflections and quiet contemplation.

Mudon Pagoda

Mudon Pagoda is a stunning pagoda that was built in the 6th century. It has a unique design with an elongated base and a large, bell-shaped upper section. It’s decorated with beautiful carvings and is a remarkable example of ancient Myanmar architecture.

Natural Attractions of Thanbyuzayat: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

Thanbyuzayat is also home to many beautiful natural attractions:

The Old Strand Road

The Old Strand Road is a historic road that winds through the scenic countryside surrounding Thanbyuzayat. It was constructed during the colonial period, and it provides stunning views of the lush greenery and natural beauty of the region.

Thanbyuzayat Beach

Thanbyuzayat beach is a beautiful, unspoiled beach that is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery while swimming in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea or take a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Thanbyuzayat

Thanbyuzayat has a range of hiking and biking routes that showcase the beauty of the region, including:

The Death Railway Trek

The Death Railway Trek is a challenging but incredibly rewarding hike. The trail follows the route of the notorious Death Railway and takes you through beautiful rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and scenic landscapes. This hike is perfect for those who want to experience the natural beauty of Thanbyuzayat and learn more about the region’s history.

Mountain Biking

The surrounding mountains offer excellent mountain biking opportunities on trails that offer beautiful views and challenges. Mountain biking enthusiasts can rent bikes and explore the region at their leisure.

Best Things to Do in Thanbyuzayat: Activities and Tours

There are many activities and tours available to visitors of Thanbyuzayat:

Visit Local Villages

Visiting local villages is a great way to experience the local culture and learn about traditional ways of life. Visitors can explore the local markets, sample authentic local cuisine, and interact with Myanmar’s friendly locals.

Bird Watching

Thanbyuzayat is home to some of the most diverse bird species in the region. The best time to go bird-watching is during the early morning hours when the birds are most active. Visitors can experience the beauty of the local wildlife and see rare and exotic species.

Week-Long Itinerary for Thanbyuzayat

Day 1: Arrival and explore Thanbyuzayat Town Day 2: Visit Death Railway Museum, and War Cemetery Day 3: Mudon Pagoda, and Old Strand Road Day 4: Thanbyuzayat Beach and beach activities Day 5: Mountain Biking or Death Railway Trek Day 6: Visit local villages and cultural activities Day 7: Departure

Food and Drink Scene of Thanbyuzayat

Must-Try Dishes

Burmese cuisine is diverse and has a unique blend of spices, ingredients, and cooking techniques. In Thanbyuzayat, visitors should try the following specialties:


Mohinga is Myanmar’s national dish, and it’s a must-try when visiting the country. It’s a fish soup that’s served with rice noodles, fried fish cakes, lemongrass, and a range of spices.

Shan Noodles

Shan Noodles is a popular dish in Southeast Myanmar, and it features hand-pulled noodles with a rich and flavorful broth, served with chicken or pork.

Local Beverages

The local beverage in Thanbyuzayat is tea. Locals drink tea throughout the day, and it’s served in small cups with sweetened condensed milk. There are also fruit juices made from local fruits available.

Where to Stay in Thanbyuzayat: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Thanbyuzayat has a range of accommodation options available for tourists, including hotels, hostels, and guesthouses.

Most tourists want to stay near the central part of Thanbyuzayat. Hotels like Win Unity Resort, and Coral Guest House are great places to stay because they offer quality service, comfortable rooms, and more affordable prices.

What to Buy in Thanbyuzayat: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Thanbyuzayat is home to many local markets where visitors can find unique souvenirs to take back home. Popular items include:

Shan Bags

Shan bags are handcrafted bags made from fabric and decorated with embroidered motifs and beads.


Longyis are traditional Myanmar garments for men and women that are made of light-weight fabric. They are perfect gifts for lovers of ethnic wear and scarfs.

Local Culture and Customs of Thanbyuzayat

Myanmar is a Buddhist country, and the Thanbyuzayat region has many ancient pagodas and other religious sites. When visiting religious sites, it’s important to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering the temple. Visitors should also be respectful of local customs and traditions and refrain from making loud noises or disruptive behaviors which may offend locals.

Best Time to Visit Thanbyuzayat

The best time to visit Thanbyuzayat is between November and February when the weather is dry and cool. During these months, the temperatures range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius – excellent weather for sightseeing and hiking the region.

Do’s and Don’ts of Thanbyuzayat


  • Remember to remove your shoes when entering religious sites.
  • Dress modestly at sacred sites.
  • Check out local markets and try local food.


  • Take photographs of monks without permission.
  • Touch locals, especially if they are monks or nuns.
  • Make disrespectful comments or gestures towards locals.

Safety and Health

Safety in Thanbyuzayat

Thanbyuzayat is relatively safe, and most visitors do not experience any problems during their stay. However, visitors should be mindful of pickpockets and theft. Always carry a copy of your passport and keep your valuables in a safe place.

Health in Thanbyuzayat

Visitors are advised to see a travel doctor before visiting Thanbyuzayat to ensure that they are up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations. Visitors should also drink bottled water to avoid the risk of water-borne diseases and avoid street food, which can cause stomach problems.

Getting to Thanbyuzayat: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Thanbyuzayat

The closest airport to Thanbyuzayat is in Mawlamyine. From here, visitors can take a taxi or private car to Thanbyuzayat.

Bus Stations Near Thanbyuzayat

There are several bus stations in Mawlamyine, where visitors can take a bus to Thanbyuzayat. Buses are the most common mode of transportation in the region and provide an affordable, convenient way to travel.

Other Options

Visitors can also hire private cars with drivers, which can be arranged through hotels and tour operators.

How to Get Around in Thanbyuzayat

Taxis, motorbikes, and bicycles are the most common modes of transportation for tourists in Thanbyuzayat. Visitors can also hire local guides who are knowledgeable about the region and can provide information on local attractions and activities.

Where to Go Next from Thanbyuzayat: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Nearby destinations to Thanbyuzayat include Mawlamyine, Hpa-An, and Kyaiktiyo Pagoda.


Thanbyuzayat is a charming town that is perfect for those who want to experience authentic Myanmar culture, history, and natural beauty. From its many historical sites and stunning natural attractions to its unique cuisine, local culture, and friendly locals, Thanbyuzayat offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience that visitors will never forget.