Southeastern Islands Travel Guide

Day 1 Arrival, Check-in at Hotel, Uluwatu Temple Tour
Day 2 Explore Nusa Lembongan Island
Day 3 Island Tour of Nusa Penida
Day 4 Scuba Diving Session
Day 5 Yoga Retreat and Massage
Day 6 Island Hopping Tour
Day 7 Departure

Food and Drink Scene of Southeastern Islands

The Southeastern Islands offers a plethora of delicious local and international delicacies. Here are some must-try dishes and local beverages:

Must-Try Dishes

  • Nasi Goreng
  • Satay
  • Babi Guling

Local Beverages

  • Arak
  • Bintang Beer
  • Fresh Coconut Water

Where to Stay in Southeastern Islands: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

There are numerous options for accommodation in Southeastern Islands, suiting a wide range of budgets. Here are some of the best options:

  • Adiwana Bee House
  • Puri Nusa Beach Hotel and Spa
  • Namaste Bungalows

What to Buy in Southeastern Islands: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Souvenir shopping is an essential part of any trip. Visitors to Southeastern Islands can opt for unique local products such as:

  • Handicrafts made of seashells
  • Clothing items made of Batik fabrics
  • Woodcarvings

Local Culture and Customs of Southeastern Islands

The people of Southeastern Islands are deeply rooted in Balinese culture, and visitors are requested to respect their traditional customs and beliefs.

Best Time to Visit Southeastern Islands

The best time to visit Southeastern Islands is during the dry months, which fall between April and October. The islands are relatively dry and hot during these months, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities.

Do’s and Don’ts of Southeastern Islands


  • Respect the local culture
  • Try the local cuisine
  • Keep beaches and natural attractions clean


  • Disrespect cultural norms and traditions
  • Litter or disturb the natural environment
  • Overindulge in alcoholic beverages

Safety and Health

Safety in Southeastern Islands

Southeastern Islands are generally safe, but visitors need to be careful while carrying out activities like water sports, hiking, and biking. It is advisable to take appropriate precautions.

Health in Southeastern Islands

Visitors must carry insect repellents and sunscreen when visiting Southeastern Islands. It is also essential to stay hydrated and carry necessary medications.

Getting to Southeastern Islands: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Southeastern Islands

The nearest international airport to Southeastern Islands is Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

Bus Stations Near Southeastern Islands

Public buses operate from Bali to the Sanur harbor, where visitors can take a fast boat to Southeastern Islands.

Other Options

Another way to get to Southeastern Islands is by a chartered speedboat from Bali.

How to Get Around in Southeastern Islands

The best way to explore Southeastern Islands is by renting a scooter or a bicycle. Visitors can also opt for taxis or shared vans for transportation.

Where to Go Next from Southeastern Islands: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Visitors can check out the following places after exploring Southeastern Islands:

  • Ubud, Bali
  • Gili Islands
  • Lombok, Indonesia


Southeastern Islands is a hidden gem in Bali that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and local culture. From stunning beaches to unique local cuisine and traditional handicrafts, Southeastern Islands has something for everyone to enjoy.