Nuggehalli Travel Guide

Plan your trip to Nuggehalli with our comprehensive travel guide covering things to do, places to visit, where to stay, and more.

Nuggehalli, a small town in the Hassan district of Karnataka, is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. With its ancient temples, scenic landscapes, and vibrant local culture, Nuggehalli is a hidden gem that is waiting to be explored. In this comprehensive travel guide, we will introduce you to the top things to do, places to visit, and where to stay in Nuggehalli.

Introduction to Nuggehalli

Nuggehalli is a small town located on the banks of the Hemavathi river, in the Cauvery Basin of southern India. It is nestled amidst the lush green hills of the Western Ghats and is a popular pilgrimage site for devotees of Lord Shiva. The town is known for its rich history, culture, and heritage which is reflected in its ancient temples, sculptures, and monuments.

List of Places to Visit in Nuggehalli

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple: Built in the 13th century, this temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

  • Andalamma Temple: This temple is dedicated to Goddess Andalamma and is a popular pilgrimage site for devotees.

  • Jenukal Siddeshwara Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is famous for its unique stone carvings and sculptures.

Natural Attractions of Nuggehalli: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Hemavathi River: The river is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and picnics.

  • Gorur Dam: The dam is located on the Hemavathi river and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

  • Nuggehalli Forest: The forest is home to a variety of flora and fauna and is ideal for nature walks and birdwatching.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Nuggehalli

Nuggehalli offers several scenic routes for hiking and biking enthusiasts. The Nuggehalli-Devarunda Kote-Kikkerikere route is one of the most popular trails that takes you through lush green forests and scenic hills.

Best Things to Do in Nuggehalli: Activities and Tours

  • Visit the ancient temples and monuments to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the town.

  • Take a nature walk through the Nuggehalli forest and explore its rich flora and fauna.

  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Hemavathi river.

Week-Long Itinerary for Nuggehalli

Day Activities
Day 1 Visit Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple and Andalamma Temple
Day 2 Take a nature walk in Nuggehalli forest
Day 3 Visit Jenukal Siddeshwara Temple and Hemavathi River
Day 4 Enjoy a boat ride on Hemavathi River
Day 5 Explore the Gorur Dam
Day 6 Take a biking tour of Nuggehalli
Day 7 Relax and enjoy local cuisine and culture

Food and Drink Scene of Nuggehalli

Must-Try Dishes

  • Bisi Bele Bath: A popular rice-based dish made with lentils, vegetables, and a unique blend of spices.

  • Masala Dosa: A crispy crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter, filled with a spicy potato filling.

  • Maddur Vada: A deep-fried snack made with spiced lentil flour.

Local Beverages

  • Filter Coffee: A unique blend of roasted coffee beans and chicory, served in a tumbler and saucer.

  • Buttermilk: A refreshing drink made with yogurt and spices.

Where to Stay in Nuggehalli: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

There are several options for accommodation in Nuggehalli, including hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. Some popular options include the Hanchikere Ranganayaki Homestay, Hotel Sri Sai Residency, and The Gateway Hotel.

What to Buy in Nuggehalli: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Some popular souvenirs to take back home from Nuggehalli include silk sarees, sandalwood carvings, and wooden handicrafts.

Local Culture and Customs of Nuggehalli

Nuggehalli has a rich cultural heritage that is deeply rooted in its temples, monuments, and festivals. The town celebrates several festivals throughout the year, including Dussehra, Deepavali, and Ugadi.

Best Time to Visit Nuggehalli

The best time to visit Nuggehalli is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Do’s and Don’ts of Nuggehalli


  • Respect the local culture and customs.

  • Dress appropriately when visiting temples and other religious places.

  • Try the local cuisine and enjoy the unique flavors of Nuggehalli.


  • Do not litter or pollute the environment.

  • Do not disturb the wildlife or damage the natural habitat.

Safety and Health

Safety in Nuggehalli

Nuggehalli is a safe place for tourists. However, it is advisable to take precautions while traveling alone, especially at night.

Health in Nuggehalli

It is recommended to carry a first-aid kit while traveling to Nuggehalli. It is also advisable to drink only bottled water and avoid eating street food to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Getting to Nuggehalli: Transportation Options and Logistics

Airports Near Nuggehalli

The nearest airport to Nuggehalli is Bangalore International Airport, located approximately 200 kilometers away.

Bus Stations Near Nuggehalli

The nearest bus stations to Nuggehalli are in Hassan and Arasikere, both of which are well-connected to major cities in Karnataka.

Other Options

You can also take a taxi or hire a private car to reach Nuggehalli from Bangalore or neighboring cities.

How to Get Around in Nuggehalli

The best way to explore Nuggehalli is by hiring a taxi or taking a local bus. Bicycles and motorbikes are also available for rent in the town.

Where to Go Next from Nuggehalli: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Some popular nearby destinations to visit from Nuggehalli include Chikmagalur, Mysore, and Coorg.


Nuggehalli is a town that is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. With its ancient temples, scenic landscapes, and vibrant local culture, Nuggehalli is an ideal destination for travelers who seek to explore the hidden gems of Karnataka. Plan your trip to Nuggehalli today and experience the charm and beauty of this unique town for yourself.