Bhalukpong Travel Guide

Discover the best places to visit in Bhalukpong, where to stay, what to eat, and how to get around. This comprehensive guide also includes hiking/biking routes, travel safety tips, local customs, and nearby destinations to visit.

Introduction to Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong, located in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is a beautiful town surrounded by the lush green forests of the Eastern Himalayas. It is situated at the entrance of the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and is known for its scenic beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural heritage. This small town serves as a gateway to Tawang, Bomdila, and other popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best places to visit in Bhalukpong and nearby areas, where to stay, what to eat, and other important information to make your trip a success.

List of Places to Visit in Bhalukpong

If you are planning a trip to Bhalukpong, here is a list of must-visit places:

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

  • Tipi Orchidarium: This is a botanical garden that showcases a wide variety of orchids, other flowers, and medicinal plants that are endemic to the region.

  • The Nuranang Falls: This waterfall is located on the way to Tawang and is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bhalukpong.

  • Bhalukpong Fort: The fort was built during the reign of King Laptsakhi in the 10th century. It offers a glimpse into the rich history of the town.

  • Mahabhairav Temple: This is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered one of the holiest shrines in Arunachal Pradesh.

Natural Attractions of Bhalukpong: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna that include tigers, leopards, bears, elephants, and different species of birds.

  • Dirang Valley: This valley offers a stunning view of the Himalayan mountain range and is an ideal destination for trekking, camping, and hiking.

  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located in the West Kameng district and is a paradise for nature lovers, ornithologists, and photographers.

Hiking/Biking Routes of Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike or bike. Here are some popular hiking/biking routes:

  • Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary: This is a birdwatcher’s paradise, and it is home to over 450 species of birds.

  • Bomdila to Tawang: This adventure-filled route covers a distance of approximately 180 kilometers. It takes you through scenic routes and high mountain passes.

  • Sangti Valley: This valley is located around 15 kilometers from Dirang and is a beautiful destination for hiking or biking. The valley is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and apple orchards.

Best Things to Do in Bhalukpong: Activities and Tours

Apart from hiking and biking, Bhalukpong offers several other activities and tours that are worth experiencing. Here are some of the best things to do in Bhalukpong:

  • River Adventure: Rafting and kayaking in the Kameng River is an exciting and thrilling experience. You can also try fishing at this river.

  • Nature Walk: Take a leisurely nature walk around the Tipi Orchidarium and the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, and explore the flora and fauna of the region.

  • Cultural Experience: Visit the local villages of Bhalukpong and learn about the unique culture and traditions of the people who call this area home.

Week-Long Itinerary for Bhalukpong

If you want to spend a week in Bhalukpong, here is a suggested itinerary:

  • Day 1: Reach Bhalukpong and explore the Tipi Orchidarium.

  • Day 2: Hike or bike to the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and explore the flora and fauna of the area.

  • Day 3-4: Visit the nearby areas of Tawang and Bomdila for trekking and sightseeing.

  • Day 5: Go on a river adventure or take a cultural tour of the local villages.

  • Day 6: Visit the Nuranang Falls and Bhalukpong Fort to learn about the history of the region.

  • Day 7: Take a day trip to Dirang Valley and Sangti Valley for hiking and scenic views.

Food and Drink Scene of Bhalukpong

The food and drink scene of Bhalukpong is influenced by the local tribal communities and their unique cuisine. Here are some must-try dishes and local beverages:

Must-Try Dishes

  • Thukpa: This is a traditional noodle soup that is made with vegetables or meat and is a staple food in this region of India.

  • Momos: These are dumplings that are filled with meat or vegetables and are a popular snack in Bhalukpong.

  • Bamboo Shoot Fry: This dish is made with fresh bamboo shoots and spices and is one of the traditional foods of Arunachal Pradesh.

Local Beverages

  • Apong: Apong is a traditional alcoholic drink made with rice and is very popular in Arunachal Pradesh.

  • Chaang: This is a traditional beer that is made by fermenting rice or millet and is very popular in the mountainous regions of Northeast India.

Where to Stay in Bhalukpong: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Bhalukpong offers several accommodation options to suit every budget. Here are some of the best places to stay in Bhalukpong:

  • Pakhui Homestay: This homestay is located near the entrance of the Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary and offers a unique experience of living with a local family.

  • Wild Mahseer: This heritage bungalow is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River and offers luxury accommodation with stunning views.

  • Pemaling Tourist Lodge: This is a budget-friendly option that is situated near the Bhalukpong Fort and offers basic amenities.

What to Buy in Bhalukpong: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Bhalukpong offers a variety of local products and souvenirs that are unique to the region. Here are some things to buy in Bhalukpong:

  • Handmade Crafts: The local tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are skilled in handicrafts, and you can buy handmade baskets, bags, and other items made from bamboo and cane.

  • Orchids: The Tipi Orchidarium offers a wide variety of orchids that you can buy.

  • Prayer Flags: You can buy colorful prayer flags that are used in Buddhist temples and monasteries.

Local Culture and Customs of Bhalukpong

The local culture of Bhalukpong is influenced by the tribal communities that live in the area. Here are some customs and traditions that you should be aware of:

  • Dress Code: The local tribes of Arunachal Pradesh wear traditional clothes like sarongs and headgear. Visitors should dress modestly and respectfully.

  • Respect for Elders: The tribal communities have a deep respect for their elders, and visitors should also show the same respect.

  • Taboos: Visitors should respect the local taboos and avoid discussing sensitive topics like politics and religion.

Best Time to Visit Bhalukpong

The best time to visit Bhalukpong is during the months of October to April when the weather is pleasant and comfortable for outdoor activities. The monsoon season from June to September should be avoided.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bhalukpong

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while visiting Bhalukpong:


  • Respect the local culture and customs.

  • Pack warm clothing and sturdy footwear for outdoor activities.

  • Try the local cuisine and beverages.


  • Engage in any activities that are harmful to the environment.

  • Disrespect the religious beliefs of the local people.

  • Carry plastic bags and litter in the area.

Safety and Health

Bhalukpong is a safe and welcoming place for visitors. Here are some safety and health tips to keep in mind while visiting:

Safety in Bhalukpong

  • Avoid traveling alone at night.

  • Always carry a copy of your ID documents and travel insurance.

  • Follow the instructions of the local authorities and guides while hiking or trekking.

Health in Bhalukpong

  • Pack a basic first-aid kit with essential medicines.

  • Drink only bottled water or boiled water.

  • Avoid consuming street food that is cooked in unhygienic conditions.

Getting to Bhalukpong: Transportation Options and Logistics

Bhalukpong is well-connected by road and air. Here are some transportation options to get to Bhalukpong:

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Tezpur Airport, which is located around 60 kilometers from Bhalukpong.

  • By Road: Bhalukpong is well-connected by road with Tezpur, Guwahati, and other neighboring cities.

  • Other Options: You can also hire a private taxi or take a bus from Tezpur or Guwahati.

How to Get Around in Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is a small town, and most of the tourist destinations can be explored on foot. You can also hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to get around the town.

Where to Go Next from Bhalukpong: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

If you want to explore more destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, here are some nearby areas to visit:

  • Tawang: This is a popular destination known for its stunning views, ancient monasteries, and scenic landscapes.

  • Bomdila: This picturesque town is known for its apple orchards, trekking trails, and the Bomdila Monastery.

  • Dirang: This town offers a glimpse into the Bon traditions of Buddhism and is known for its hot water springs.


Bhalukpong is a hidden gem in Arunachal Pradesh and offers a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and scenic beauty. From hiking and biking trails to cultural tours and wildlife safaris, Bhalukpong has something for everyone. Whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with family or friends, Bhalukpong is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore the beauty of Northeast India.