Nasushiobara Travel Guide

Discover Nasushiobara, a beautiful city in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. From natural attractions to cultural landmarks, this comprehensive travel guide has all the information you need to plan your trip.

Introduction to Nasushiobara

Nasushiobara is a hidden gem in the Tochigi prefecture of Japan. The city boasts natural hot springs, lush greenery, and cultural heritage sites that are a must-visit for any traveler. Nasushiobara is known for its scenic beauty, biking and hiking trails, and delicious local cuisine. The city is easily accessible from Tokyo through a two-hour train ride from Ueno Station.

List of Places to Visit in Nasushiobara

Culturally Important Attractions: Museums and Historical Places

Nasushiobara has a rich cultural heritage that is evident in its historical landmarks and museums. The Nasu Imperial Villa, located in the volcanic mountain range of Nasu, was previously used as a summer retreat for the Japanese royal family. The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, also in Nasu, displays collections of traditional Japanese woodcut paintings. The Nasushiobara City Museum displays the history of Nasushiobara from prehistoric times to the present.

Natural Attractions of Nasushiobara: Outdoor Adventures and Scenic Views

Nasushiobara is known for its natural hot springs and lush greenery. The Nasu Alpaca Farm allows visitors to feed and pet alpacas while enjoying the scenic views of the Nasu Mountains. The Nasu Animal Kingdom is home to about 500 animals, including rare species such as white tigers and capybaras. The Nasu Highland Park offers visitors a thrilling amusement park experience with views of the surrounding Nasu Mountains. For a more relaxed experience, visitors can dip into Nasu Yumoto Onsen, a natural hot spring spa that has been open for over 1,200 years.

Hiking/Biking Routes in Nasushiobara

Nasushiobara has some of the best hiking and biking routes in Japan. Visitors can hike through the Nasu Heisei-no-Mori Forest, which is home to over 25,000 trees of different species. The Nasu Rindo Lake View Trail is also popular among hikers with scenic views of the surrounding lake and mountains. Visitors who prefer biking can try the Yumoto Circuit, a 26 km route that passes through the picturesque Yumoto Onsen and the Nasu Shiobara area.

Best Things to Do in Nasushiobara: Activities and Tours

Apart from hiking and biking, Nasushiobara has many other activities and tours that visitors can enjoy. Visitors can try their hand at pottery making at the Nasura Earthernware Art Village. The Ashino Sake Brewery offers sake tasting tours, where visitors can learn about the traditional brewing process. The Nasugamachi Furusato History Museum is a great place to learn about the local history of Nasushiobara.

Week-Long Itinerary for Nasushiobara

Day 1-2: Visit the Nasu Imperial Villa and Japan Ukiyo-e Museum. Hike the Nasu Rindo Lake View Trail. Day 3-4: Soak in the natural hot springs of Nasu Yumoto Onsen. Visit the Nasushiobara City Museum. Day 5-6: Take a pottery making class at Nasura Earthernware Art Village. Take a sake tasting tour at Ashino Sake Brewery. Day 7: Visit the Nasugamachi Furusato History Museum before departing.

Food and Drink Scene of Nasushiobara

Must-Try Dishes

Nasushiobara is known for its local cuisine, such as the Nasu Shiitake Mushroom, Ashikaga Beef, and Yuba (tofu skin). The local specialty, Nasu Dengaku, is grilled eggplant topped with sweet miso paste. The San-butsu Ramen is another local delicacy, which is a bowl of hot soup with noodles, vegetables, and pork.

Local Beverages

Nasushiobara is also known for its sake breweries such as the Ashino Sake Brewery and Takakiya Sake Brewery. Visitors can try different types of sake and learn about the traditional sake-making process.

Where to Stay in Nasushiobara: Hotels, Hostels, and Guesthouses

Nasushiobara has a wide range of accommodation choices for visitors. Kuroiso Onsen and Nasu Hot Spring are two popular areas for hot spring resort hotels. For a more unique experience, visitors can try staying in traditional Japanese-style guesthouses such as the Nanohana House.

What to Buy in Nasushiobara: Souvenirs and Local Products to Bring Home

Nasushiobara is famous for its handicrafts, such as pottery, lacquerware, and wooden crafts. The Nasura Earthernware Art Village is a great place to buy handmade pottery. Visitors can also buy souvenirs such as local sweets made from the Nasu Shiitake mushroom and Yuba.

Local Culture and Customs of Nasushiobara

Nasushiobara has many traditional festivals throughout the year such as the Nasu Karasuyama Lantern Festival, which is held in August. Visitors should also be aware of Japanese customs such as removing their shoes before entering someone’s home or a traditional Japanese inn.

Best Time to Visit Nasushiobara

The best time to visit Nasushiobara is in the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is mild and the foliage is stunning.

Do’s and Don’ts of Nasushiobara


  • Try the local cuisine and drinks
  • Respect Japanese customs
  • Learn a few basic Japanese phrases
  • Enjoy the natural hot springs


  • Wear shoes inside someone’s home or traditional Japanese inn
  • Be loud and disruptive in public spaces
  • Leave trash on the streets

Safety and Health

Safety in Nasushiobara

Nasushiobara is a safe city for travelers. However, visitors should be aware of any natural hazards such as landslides and earthquakes that may occur.

Health in Nasushiobara

Nasushiobara has good healthcare facilities with English-speaking doctors. Visitors should take precautions such as staying hydrated during the hot summer months and wearing mosquito repellent in the mosquito season.

Getting to Nasushiobara: Transportation Options and Logistics

Nasushiobara is easily accessible from Tokyo through a two-hour train ride from Ueno Station. The nearest airport is Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. There are also bus services that connect Nasushiobara to other cities in Japan.

Airports Near Nasushiobara

The nearest airport to Nasushiobara is Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, which is about a three-hour train ride from Nasushiobara.

Bus Stations Near Nasushiobara

There are several bus stations in Nasushiobara connecting it to other cities in Japan.

Other Options

Travelers can also choose to drive to Nasushiobara, as the city is accessible via the Tohoku Expressway.

How to Get Around in Nasushiobara

Visitors can travel around Nasushiobara via train, bus, or taxi. There are rental bike services available for visitors who want to explore the city on their own.

Where to Go Next from Nasushiobara: Nearby Destinations and Excursions

Visitors can explore other nearby destinations such as Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its stunning shrines and temples. Other nearby cities include Utsunomiya and Fukushima.


Nasushiobara is a beautiful city in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, with a rich history and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy the scenic views of Nasu Mountains, soak in hot springs, and enjoy the local cuisine. This comprehensive travel guide has all the information needed to plan a trip to Nasushiobara, making it an unforgettable travel experience.